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AK - 47
The weapon was developed for motorized infantry,
adopted for service with the Soviet Army in 1949
and designated the AK-47. It was not provided with a bayonet.

on armaments in: Russia,Bulgaria,...all East Europe

AK - 47 ( Bulgaria )

vz.58 ( Czech Republic )

NORINCO Type 86s ( China )
7.62x39 mm
3.59 kg
bulets 20 or 30 (standart for AKM)

Base of AK - 47

Bulet for AK - 47

PK General-Purpose Machine Gun (1961)
9 kg
100,200,250 bulets
In 1965 this machine gun was presented to a museum by Mikhail Kalashnikov as a gift. The action principle and moving part design are similar to that of the AK-47 assault rifle and RPK light machine gun. However, the PK general-purpose machine gun features a number of innovations. Firstly, the PK machine gun is chambered for more powerful cartridges, model 1908, with rimmed bases. Secondly, the general-purpose machine gun combines high maneuvering qualities of a light machine gun and fire power of heavy machine gun mount. The PK machine gun on bipod is used as a light machine gun and when placed on a mount it is used as a PKS machine gun mount. The PK machine gun incorporates an original innovation to prevent rupture of the cartridge case, by replacing the sliding feed mechanism with lever feed mechanism. The machine gun production method was also radically improved: stamp-welded receiver with reverted bushing, etc. E.S. Samozhenkov developed a mount for the machine gun.


BMP Great BMP ( Boinaia Mashina Pehote )

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